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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vibio?

Everyone is unique and we believe that talent should have a platform to highlight their uniqueness and value beyond bullet points on a page. vibio is a platform where you can create a private multimedia resume incorporating your traditional resume with video.

Is my profile public?

Nope! It is completely private. You can share your profile by sharing your profile page link or QR code.

Why should I create a video resume?

We think the hiring process is broken and the resume is outdated.

Verbal communication is the most sought after skill in hiring. So why is everything resume-based? Doesn’t make sense to us, either. With vibio, you’re able to showcase your skills that don’t translate to paper.

For today’s growing companies, culture is everything. How can you gauge cultural fit looking at words on a page? Another swing and a miss. vibio gives applicants and employers a platform to find the best culture fit.

Resumes, e-mail, and phone screens can be a monotonous mess. vibio cuts to the chase and creates a streamlined applicant process, accelerating the hiring process faster than ever before.


Do I need a resume to create a vibio profile?

You can upload an existing resume or create one from scratch on vibio. Either works! If you have a resume, we made it super easy to scan your resume and auto populate your profile. If this is your first resume we tried to make the exprience seamless. Hit us up with any suggestions on how to improve the platform at

What kind of camera should I shoot my video on?

No film crew or fancy camera needed. Shoot your video using the camera on your phone or the camera on your computer. If you are using your phone, be sure to shoot the video in landscape mode to maximize the space on your profile page. Check out the the video resume examples on our How To Page for inspiration.

Where should I shoot my video?

Choose a location that is quiet, well lit, and is not distracting. Be aware of things in the background that might be distracting or unprofessional.  

What should I wear in my video?

Your video is a first impression in a professional environment, so be sure to dress professionally. We recommend business casual. We don’t think a suit is needed, unless the industry still requires it. If you shoot the video from the waist up shoes are optional! 

What if I have a question I don't see here?

No problem! Hit us up at and will get back to you ASAP.